Our Derivative Products Group acts as a market maker in all major currencies and many minor and emerging market currencies providing liquidity and structuring expertise for our global client base in OTC derivatives.

The Group provides around the clock pricing to clients from our offices in London, New York and Hong Kong.

Interest Rate & FX Products

  • Interest Rate Swaps.
  • Cross Currency Swaps.
  • Caps, Floors & Collars
  • Long Dated FX.
  • Options on all the above.
  • Basis Swaps (single and cross currency)
  • Exotics.

Other Products

  • UK Inflation Derivatives.
  • Commodity Derivatives.

Areas of expertise

  • Asset & Liability Management.
  • Structured & Project Finance.
  • Trade Execution.
  • Swap / Legal Documentation.
  • Regulatory Matters.