Our Group Structure.

CM Ltd is a subsidiary of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC), one of Japan’s three ‘megabanks’, defined as such on the basis of its capital base, its broad domestic retail franchise and its global range of activities.

CM Ltd itself has two wholly owned subsidiaries: SMBC Derivative Products Limited, domiciled in London, and SMBC Capital Markets Asia Limited, which undertakes derivative business on an agency basis and is domiciled in Hong Kong. CM Ltd and our subsidiaries, together with SMBC Capital Markets Inc. in the United States, make up the SMBC Capital Markets Group which is the global derivatives arm of SMBC.

For the securities side of the business, CM Ltd cooperates closely with SMBC Nikko Securities Inc. (Nikko Tokyo), one of Japan’s foremost securities brokers, and its global business franchise which includes offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and New York.

Our Group Structure